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Three vessel types are used during this project:

8.000 TEU container-carrier

A scale model (1/80) of an 8.000 TEU container-carrier is used. Tests have been carried out with three different displacements:

Most tests have been carried out in the even keel situation. Only a distinct number of tests have been carried out in the initial trim situation.

container carrier
Main properties:
LOA 350m
B 42.9m
T 14.5m
Displacement 134.927 tonnes
Cb 0.65


A larger scale model (1/70) than the container-carrier is used for the model of the LNG-carrier. In this case tests have been carried out with one draft (11.0m even keel).

lng carrier
Main properties:
LOA 280m
B 41.6m
T 11.0m
Displacement 93.725 tonnes
Cb 0.77


A significantly smaller scale model (with a small width on model scale) is used. The width of the towing tank is for this ship 12 times the width of this tanker.

Main properties:
LOA 173.1m
B 22.1m
T 13.35m
Displacement 39.804 tonnes
Cb 0.80